HD Production

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Video Services
San Francisco

Digital Video/Audio Recorders & Capture Systems

Digital Video Recorders Studio
Studio DVRs

Sound Devices Pix 240 & AJA KiPro DVRs. Apple Pro Res & Avid DNxHD recording formats. Most resolutions & frame rates.

Portable Digital Video Recorders
Portable DVRs

AJA KiPro Mini & Blackmagic Hyperdeck Shuttle DVRs. Apple Pro Res & Avid DNxHD recording formats. Mount on camera or rod systems.

Computer Direct Record
Computer Direct Record

Record direct to a Macbook or Mac Pro with our AJA IoXT, AJA IoHD or Blackmagic encoders. Apple ProRes, Quicktime Uncompressed & DVCPro HD.

Digital Audio Recorders
Digital Audio Recorders

Tascam DR-100 MKII & DR-100 XLR field recorders with Line/Mic. XLR inputs. Sound Devices 552 5 Channel field mixer, 2 channel internal record.

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